Though, the cities of UAE are well-developed and stunning but with that, you also praise it for dozens of natural spots, so having a plan to discover them is also a remarkable tourist move. Additionally, few hours’ drive from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you get into the amazing natural landscape compelling you to capture all the natural moments via your camera and as summer has just begun, outdoor activities is bearable but at the peak of it, outdoor fun becomes hard.

Right from clambering over the rugged mountains to kayaking beside the dam, you get involved in every single activity getting you near to nature. Furthermore, you also find it very pleasant to reach natural spots seamlessly and thanks for the updated infrastructure by the state. This piece is the superb one because it gets you know the must-visit natural attractions of the country.

So check all the leading spots beneath.

1- Al Hayer Forest

It is the great hidden gem and the patch of different trees that have been put in the great desert situated between Al Ain and Dubai and it happens to be the fantastic place for camping, so visit it and enjoy a great time along with trying delicious traditional food. Moreover, at the time of sunset, this place gets more appealing offering you the great Instagram story. While planning for your remarkable tour, you should focus on availing the services of experienced and reputable tourist companies and while hunting various ones on the internet, you also discover the one called where you can come across a bunch of options meeting your exact needs. Moreover, you can also make your plan economical and you just have to get the code.

2- Al Rafisah Dam

The great Hajar Mountains looming over this fantastic and worth-visiting dam and it was constructed back in the 1980 and that also turn it into the historical place of UAE. While visiting it, you can also opt for kayaking on a great tranquil water and with that, you can also explore the walkway alongside the dam, so noting it down is must for making a trip more impressive.

3- Dibba Rock

If you are the one who accepts challenges, then this one is the remarkable attraction to visit as it is the under-water one and ideal for all the scuba lovers and this breathtaking spot is visited by many foreigners each season. Moreover, the dive of this spot is 30 meters and you witness the visibility of 10 meters during a perfect day.

4- Green Mubazzarah

Interestingly, the tourists are concerned about the spot enabling them to cool down and that is what you really explore at this remarkable place and it is situated in Al Ain, so you should never miss this magnificent tourist spot. The grassland trait of this spot makes it more attractive place to visit and located at the Jebel Hafeet’s bottom and you get the feel of having an oasis in any desert.

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