If your friends want you to go on a vacation to a ski resort but you have never skied and have never had any desire to don a pair of skis, you might be wondering if there is any point in going with them. After all, why would you spend money on a vacation to just sit in your hotel room or watch from afar as your friends enjoy the pistes?

Well, according to the folk at Canyon Sports, there is plenty to do on a skiing vacation. Even if you don’t want to take part in skiing, there are many other activities that you could enjoy. So, while your friends are heading off to organize their ski rental, you can enjoy all the activities that the modern ski resort has to offer.

What Can You Do at a Ski Resort?

As well as the opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, ski resorts around the world ensure that those who don’t ski, have plenty to do. For example, you could kick back and enjoy some luxury treatments at the warm spa while your friends are out in the cold. A nice hot stone massage or a soothing facial will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Depending on the resort you visit, you might find a plethora of designer stores and boutiques as well as fabulous restaurants and cafés, at which you can enjoy warm drinks and delicious food. In some resorts, you can enjoy fabulous walks – as long as you have a good pair of winter boots. You can then hire snowshoes to attach to your boots as well as a pair of poles and off you go. Some resorts have guided tours, but there may be a marked trek that you can follow if you prefer.

If you really want to enjoy the slopes but would prefer not to ski, then why not see if there is a specific course for other fun activities, such as sledding or tobogganing. There may even be an adventure park with climbing walls and zip lines, again depending on the resort you visit.

What to Wear if You are Not Skiing?

Since you will not need to invest in a ski jacket, trousers, and boots if you have no intention of skiing, you might then be wondering what you should wear about the resort. For example, how cold will it be in the resort and what type of clothing should you wear when out and about?

The resort itself is likely to be as warm and cozy as any other hotel in the winter, so while you are inside, you can wear what you would normally wear at home. However, when venturing outside, you will need to wrap up well to stay warm. It is a good idea to wear a pair of thick socks (or even more than one pair) as walking about in the snow can make your feet feel very cold.

If you are wearing a pair of denims or a loose-fitting pair of trousers, it makes sense to layer up by wearing thermals or a pair of leggings. Layering up is the best way to stay warm, so think about vests, t-shirts, and sweaters, under a padded jacket. Don’t forget a thick pair of gloves, a cozy scarf, and a hat too. You can also wear a pair of ear muffs under your hat to keep your ears warm.

To conclude, ski resorts offer more than just the opportunity to hit the slopes. They give people the chance to enjoy a top-class resort in some of the most spectacular surroundings.

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