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In recent years, Hong Kong has continued to flourish, attracting investors, tourists and curious people from all walks of life. If you are also tempted by the destination , fasten your seatbelts, we are taking you to Hong Kong.

Chensiyuan CC-BY-SA-4.0,3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

( Night view of Hong Kong Island from Victoria Peak. In the background, Victoria Harbor and Kowloon. – chensiyuan )

Hong Kong, a commercial center

Hong Kong Island, located in southern China , is made up of a multitude of islands and islets, including the Kowloon peninsula, which can be reached by ferry. . It ranks first on the scale of economic wealth . This city in the midst of an economic boom is a good illustration of its desire to open up to the world.

Long a British possession, Hong Kong regained the bosom of China recently, since the city was retroceded in 1997. Hong Kong is an island which has flourished on the bases of the liberal economy, one of the centers of trade and world finance .

Hong Kong is also a port, open to the China Sea , and dominated by its huge skyscrapers.

The islet has beautiful beaches , but the interest remains its urban side, the heart of this city built on a mixture of cultures , which can be found between the buildings, the popular districts and the markets.

The many advantages offered to foreigners on vacation on the island counterbalance with a rather high standard of living. This city therefore sets its targets above all among affluent travelers by offering them the luxury they deserve. With this in mind, the city center is mostly made up of skyscrapers and luxurious hotels .

Buildings that, like Victoria Peak , give you a panoramic view of this impressive economic gear. Very dense in its design for a reduced territory, the city offers little space for tourist buildings in the true sense of the term.

You will have to get out of this bubbling center to find some peace and picturesque scenery. Countless small neighboring islands are ready to welcome you. This is the case, for example, of Lantau Island , located to the west, which is famous and unmissable for its statue of the Buddha that can be seen in the Po Lin monastery.

Hong Kong Tourism Board: Link

Beria CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

( Tian Tan Buddha , also known as the “Big Buddha”, is located in Ngong Ping , Lantau Island in Hong Kong . – Béria L. Rodríguez )

What to see and do in Hong Kong

Virtually everything is to be seen in Hong Kong, the smallest insignificant detail constitutes an unusual discovery for Western tourists. You will therefore not lack ideas to enhance your stay .

Here are a few :

Man Mo Temple  : This temple was built in 1847, which makes it the oldest temple in the city. It is also ranked among the most beautiful and interesting to discover in Hong Kong. The place is dedicated to the god of war and the god of literature. This temple is located at the junction of rue de l’Echelle and rue d’Hollywood .

Po Lin Monastery: a pure architectural marvel located on Lantau Island. This temple houses the Tian Tian Buddha, from the height of its 34m this statue is the most imposing in the world. To access the Tian Tian Buddha, you have to cross several steps that the faithful climb on their knees as a sign of respect.

Temple of six banians: this temple dates from the 11th century, today the place is inhabited by monks. The interior of the temple is very atypical, there are 88 Buddhas. Tip: remember to dress properly and don’t be too talkative during the visit, the monks are for silence.

Museum of Arts  : this museum houses more than 14,000 works representing: Chinese daily life, decorative art , paintings, ceramics and various objects of all kinds.

The perpetual movement of the city also takes over at night with its countless bars, nightclubs and especially the karaoke rooms which are hugely successful.

Cuisine and culinary specialties / best restaurants

It is no longer necessary to present Chinese cuisine, it is now part of our eating habits. But be aware that Hong Kong cuisine is not limited to Chinese soups, rice and noodles, there are many other specialties that are really worth discovering such as small fish balls, Dim Sum and Shaomai (steamed dumplings) .

You don’t need to have addresses on hand to eat well, the city has more than 11,000 restaurants so you won’t risk starving in Hong Kong, if your budget is limited, prefer Cha Chan Teng, small affordable restaurants that can be found all over the city.

If you don’t like Asian food don’t worry, everywhere you go you will find French , Italian, Mediterranean , etc. specialties . In Hong Kong and elsewhere everywhere in China the water is not drinkable, so avoid drinking tap water unless you have Micropur tablets.

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