There are numerous factors to consider when planning a cruise, such as choosing the correct ship, researching each point of call, and making travel arrangements.

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or about to embark on your tenth cruise, some tips and tricks will help you maximise your vacation.

The following are the finest guidelines recommended by the most seasoned cruisers for a boat cruise in Singapore.

1. Book a cruise in advance.

This is probably the most common piece of advice you’ll hear, but that’s because it’s so vital!

If you are eyeing a specific ship, itinerary, or suite, booking it as early as feasible is your best option. The closer the sailing date, the fewer stateroom category and location options will be available. Also, booking in advance is essential if the itinerary is offered only during specific seasons.

2. Use a travel agent.

Even the most experienced mariners will recommend using a travel agent.

A cruise is more difficult to book than a round-trip flight. They are knowledgeable about which cruise line, ship, and itinerary will best suit your travel requirements. This may spare you the trouble of conducting all of this investigation on your own.

Occasionally, they are able to offer even lower rates because they negotiate group rates with cruise lines. Rarely do cruise travel agents cost more than reserving everything yourself. Typically, commissions from cruise lines compensate them.

3. Advance the loyalty levels.

If you frequently fly or stay at the same hotel chain, you understand the significance of loyalty programmes. Each cruise line has its own loyalty programme that rewards repeat passengers, so the more you sail with a single line, the more quickly you will rise through the ranks.

Depending on the programme, this may grant you free laundry, leisure discounts, access to speciality restaurants, lounge access, and even alcoholic beverages.

4. Arrive one day in advance.

Always, always, always plan to arrive at least one day before the ship’s scheduled departure.

Even if you schedule the earliest possible departure, a single flight delay could cause you to miss the ship; they will not wait.

Consider hotels near the terminal that offer cruise passengers discounted parking rates. This will save you money and reduce tension on the day of departure!

5. Order an additional appetiser, main course, or dessert.

There is so much mouthwatering, decadent cuisine onboard that if you can’t decide, you should definitely order more than one appetiser, entrée, or dessert in the main dining room.

When else can you order an appetiser of escargot and a prawn cocktail without worrying about the bill? What about spare ribs and crab cakes or lava cake and cheesecake?

One of the best ways to maximise the value of a cruise excursion is to order as much as you desire; however, be careful not to overindulge.

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