Do you like your pancakes topped with butter and sugar, lemon, chocolate or downright Nutella? On the occasion of the Candlemas festival, we offer you a selection of ten recipes to revisit pancakes in an original and daring way. Follow the leader !

10 recipes to reinvent the Candlemas crêpe

Ah, crêpes Suzette… They are undeniably one of the favorite desserts of the French. For the occasion, we offer you this variant of the traditional recipe made with pineapple and coconut. Its plus? It is gluten free! Source: Hanna’s Places

A thick pancake with apples

Reinvent pancakes with this recipe from Laurent Mariotte inspired by Sancieux, a typical recipe from Berry. Served hot, sprinkled with sugar, this thick pancake stuffed with apples is ideal if you want a change from the traditional pancakes with butter, sugar or jam. Source: Kitchen by Ana

Apple tart tatin, a revisited classic

On her website, Julia, from the culinary blog Julia’s album, reveals this audacious recipe combining the best of crepes and tarte tatin. Result ? Original pancakes with cinnamon apple flavors. A good way to rediscover its classics! Source: Julia’s album

The pancakes

Put yourself on American time with this very tasty pancake recipe. For your Sunday brunch opt for this recipe based on almonds and blueberries. A sweetness made in the USA that will make everyone agree! Source: Sweet peas and saffron

The fruity wrap crepe

Having fun is good, cheering yourself up by eating healthy is even better. So to stock up on vitamins and approach winter in the best possible way, we offer you this wrap recipe based on kiwi, strawberries, orange, pineapple, blueberry and cottage cheese that revisits the traditional pancake. A lovely fruity recipe! Source: Tablespoon

The blintz

Ideal for starting the day off right, the Blintz, a New York recipe, is actually a filled pancake. If you don’t know yet, discover this variant of the traditional pancake topped with ricotta and cream cheese. To try it is to adopt it ! Source: Toriavey

A sushi-style pancake

Lovers of Japanese cuisine, let yourself be charmed by this recipe for pancakes in a sweet sushi version. If you want to make it, put Nutella on your entire crepe and place a banana in the center . On the folding side , opt for the rolled-up crepe technique. All you have to do is cut it into a small sushi shape. Source: Paging fun mums

Tiramisu mille-crepe

Combining the best of Italian cuisine and French cuisine is possible with this tiramisu crepe recipe inspired by the dessert of famous chef Francisco Migoya. Tent ? Take a quick look at the Tasting Table blog. Source: Tasting Table

The pancake cake

Finally, the greediest will succumb to this original recipe for pancakes in a cake version. After making your dough and letting it rest for a few hours, take your crepe maker and cook your crepes. This step done, prepare your filling using whipped cream, sugar, mascarpone, lemon juice and marmalade. All you have to do is spread this mixture on each of the pancakes , then place them on top of each other. Real child’s play! Source: Honestly Yum

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