How to Keep Your Kids From Getting Bored When Fishing

When Fishing

Fishing is a hobby that often requires patience which many kids, especially the younger ones, lack. Despite the best efforts of some parents, it can be a headache to get them interested in this activity unless you get a little creative. Here are some useful tips on how to get your kids more willing to spend time fishing.

Bring Snacks

Kids are more likely to lose focus and become fidgety or cranky if they start to get hungry. And they often get hungry more frequently than adults. Try to feed them before you leave home and carry along snacks they can munch on while fishing. You can keep it healthy by packing fruits and nuts. Small finger foods are also a good option, alongside water for keeping them well hydrated. If you plan on spending a long time out fishing, pack a picnic basket and plan to take a break where your kids can relax and eat by the water.

Give Attention

Fishing with adults is very different than with kids. Adults are content enough to focus on the fishing or their thoughts when there is no conversation. Many kids, however, need to be given attention so they do not quickly get bored. Especially when it is their first outing, engage them in conversation more, even if it is just about discussing fishing-related subjects. Tell them funny fishing stories or educate them on how different lures work and what creatures live in the waters.


Knowing that fishing is more your activity and that you are trying to draw them in may make your kids resistant to the idea. Giving them choices can help make them feel more involved and stimulated to take an interest. Think of what general location would make for a good fishing spot, and have your child narrow down to where you will hunker down to fish. Empower them further by letting them choose their lures.

Take Them Shopping for Gear

Once you see that your child is interested in fishing, consider taking them to the store to buy their fishing rod, tack box, and lures. This can be a unique and educational experience as you are advised on what options best suit their age. You can even do the research online and make your order there. Involve your child, so they know it is their property that they must care for.


Sometimes your kids will still get bored despite your best efforts and will want to do something else. Since you are in the great outdoors, you can take a break and let your child explore the surrounding area. If the fish are not biting, you can pack away your gear in the car and walk trails or on the shoreline. Here you may encounter some wildlife, which will make for a more exciting distraction.

Talk Up Your Child

Once you return from fishing, tell others about your day out and talk about how well your child did, even if they did not catch fish. Hearing you talk them up will make for a more positive mindset and incentivize your child to go out and give fishing a try again.

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