Vacation time has come! And for them to be unforgettable, the best thing is to go with your friends. If the giggles and memorable memories will inevitably be part of the game, we still have some advice to give you so that everything goes as well as possible!


1. Leave with good friends

Far be it from us to establish a hierarchy between your friends! But to go on vacation with your friends in complete serenity, it’s easier to have the same interests. Even if it’s always friends first, if you go in trail and trekking mode and your friends are more partying and lazing around, you might as well say that you won’t be in the same mood!

2. The organization ok but together

Going on vacation with friends also means organizing your trip with friends! And for everything to go well, it is out of the question for a single person to take care of all the logistics.

If you drive like a real driver, take care of booking the car rental, but if you have the talent of a real estate agent to find hot accommodations and at the best price, we will let you book the accommodations instead!

3. Check useful apps before your vacation with friends

Smartphone addicts know it better than anyone: there are apps for absolutely everything! Itineraries, maps, transport or even translators: for each situation, you will find the application you need.

And since good accounts make good friends, don’t forget to download an app to calculate expense sharing.

4. Divide daily tasks

Just because you love to cook doesn’t mean you have to hit the stove every night and cook for your hungry gang of friends! After all, it’s vacation for everyone, right? To prevent it from always being the same people who put their feet under the table or their hands in the dough, distribute the daily tasks as if you were living with a roommate!

5. Together is everything, but not all the time

Your friends, you adore them: the proof, you go on vacation with them! But being with them around the clock (even if they’re your best friends) can sometimes be tricky. Do not hesitate to give yourself little moments to be with yourself, especially when you feel tired.

6. Breaking up to find each other better

Your gang really wants to try scuba diving, but you and the water make two… On the other hand, you would like to learn about parachute jumping but several of your friends are dizzy… The solution so that no one doesn’t be frustrated? Make small groups according to the activities! Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to do everything together!

7. Make concessions

You may be the best friends in the world, but sometimes you don’t have the same vision of things, nor the same desires. When traveling as in friendship, you sometimes have to put a little water in your wine to avoid friction and maintain a light atmosphere during all your holidays with friends.

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