As soon as the thermometer rises and the sun shines, an irresistible desire to picnic is felt. Quick, we prepare a basket and we go to lunch, snack or dinner on the grass! As a couple or with the family, with friends or colleagues, these informal meals are part of the joys of summer, provided they are well prepared. All our tips for becoming the kings of the picnic!

1. For the perfect picnic, find a pro basket

The most chic picnickers are offered a wicker basket with crockery hanging from the lid, bohemians choose a straw basket, eco-friendly people invest in reusable bamboo crockery .A good picnic basket includes: * a tablecloth or tarp with insulating underlay, ideal if the grass is wet!

2. To make your picnic a success, don’t neglect the details

At the start of the picnic season (which can last until the beginning of autumn), the kings of the picnic take inventory of the essential accessories to have lunch outside in peace and feel as good on the grass than at home… Once the “special picnic” stocks have been put away in the cupboard, we are ready for dozens of improvised meals outside! The list of accessories not to forget: * decorative paper towels * straws for children * a corkscrew * a multifunction knife * small cups * toilet paper and tissues * antibacterial gel for washing hands * a garbage bag to leave without a trace * an atomizer * sunscreen * a mini medicine kit (disinfectant, bandages, Doliprane, anti-venom…)

3. Take care of your outdoor decor

Sometimes it only takes next to nothing to make your picnic a 100% decorative moment! A small bouquet of flowers, a vintage accessory, a few soft cushions, a tray or simple citronella candles will transform your tablecloth into a 4-star restaurant! Are you picnicking in the sun? Stretch an awning between the branches of the trees to create shade in all elegance. Prefer to picnic after dark? Slip citronella candles and tealights into your basket for a subdued atmosphere… Accessories that change everything: * cushions * a hammock * a parasol or a canopy * a vase for a bouquet of wildflowers * stemmed glasses or flutes * a champagne bucket * candles (and a lighter!) * candle holders to hang in the trees * a crate for create a small table * straw hats

4. Concoct “special picnic” recipes

Who says picnic does not necessarily say sandwiches! To treat yourself while eating on the go, we also think of wraps, savory pies, quiches, muffins and vegetable cakes, spreadable recipes, skewers and large mixed salads (to be stored in a Tupperware, sauce apart). Cold meats and vegetables cooked in an aluminum dish can also be prepared the day before. Crudités to nibble are always so popular, prepare carrot sticks, cauliflower florets, cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices! On the other hand, it is better to avoid cold cuts and melon so as not to attract wasps, as well as homemade mayonnaise and dairy products which do not keep well away from the refrigerator. In summer, also slide bottles of

5. Plan activities to play on the grass

Successful picnics are those that drag on, because we are so well that we have no desire to return! Once the meal is over, it’s time for a siesta in the shade and group games… If you’re more in a lazy mood, remember to take a book and a cushion. If you are with family or friends, don’t forget the balls, skittles, skipping ropes and water guns. Running out of ideas? Find our 20 outdoor games to make yourself. With that you should be ready… Have a nice picnic!

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