Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania with a total land area of 367 km2 and is home to more than 1.5 million residents! Philadelphia is filled with awesome bucket list places that are definitely perfect for you to visit.

Aside from being an awesome place to visit, Philadelphia can also be a great place to live! If you choose to reside, you can browse the internet for various houses to buy in this state; or you can also find apartments for rent in Philadelphia, PA through scanning websites in case buying a house is not your best decision.

This article will tackle the five best things to do during your stay in Philadelphia, which will help you have an eventful and fun trip. Below are the five bucket-list items:

1. Visit the Museum of Art. 

The Museum of Art Philadelphia is one of the places you should definitely go to, especially if you are someone who loves to look at galleries! This museum’s architectural design is Greek Revival, and it contains art from different places, such as America, Europe, and South Asia. The Museum of Art includes collections of paintings, sculptures, and drawings. The exterior structure and the interior design will definitely give you an astonishing and satisfying sight.

2. Hang out with your family at the Philadelphia Zoo.

 This zoo is the oldest one in America, built in 1874! Despite operating for more than a hundred years now, the Philadelphia Zoo still won’t fail to give you an amazing time with your friends or family. The zoo offers observations for various animals such as tigers, orangutans, lions, birds, and even bears! You name it! There are a lot of animals to see in this place, which will surely give you an amazing and interesting experience with animals. If you’re an animal lover, the Philadelphia Zoo definitely should be on your bucket list.

3. Be fascinated at the Franklin Institute. 

Another museum destination (especially for art enthusiasts) you should visit during your stay in Philadelphia is the Franklin Institute. Located at 222 N 20th St, this is one of the most popular museums. This well-known museum is known to be science-themed and is named after the great American scientist, Benjamin Franklin. Some of the examples that can be seen in this museum are planetariums, a Harry Potter exhibit, and one of the most highlighted, the human heart. Visiting this museum will surely give you an enlightening and fascinating experience.

4. Sesame Place 

Located in Langhorne, this place is a Sesame-themed park that is definitely perfect for kids, and even for grown ups! Being in this place will surely offer you enjoyment for it’s also a water park; it’s filled with fun activities such as water slides, and carnival games! This is the perfect place to have a bond with your friends and family. For adult visitors, this tourist destination will surely make you feel young again.

5. PHS Pop Up Beer Garden 

This pop-up beer garden by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society is an open-air restaurant with a gardenious setting. Because of the decorative plants and lights, dining in this restaurant will surely offer you and your companions a relaxing and blissful time together. Located on South Street, PHS Pop Up Beer Garden serves a tasty variety of food and drinks from different restaurant owners, such as Cantina Los Caballitos and Khyber Pass Pub.

Above are the five bucket-list items that you must do upon visiting Philadelphia. Although Philadelphia is not as big as any other city, it won’t fail to offer you amazing tourist spots that are worth visiting and will definitely make the most of your trip.


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