If you love seafood and you want to find the best dining experiences in Abu Dhabi on offer, then take a look at the following post. We’ll be covering the best restraints in the city to visit if you want high-quality seafood dining covering a range of different cuisines and tastes. Keep reading if you want to know more.


Catch is a popular seafood restaurant located in AL Khubeirah in Abu Dhabi. Not only do they have excellent, high-quality seafood options to choose from, but it’s all set within luxurious dining areas with stunning views out onto the beach. There is a range of flavor options to choose from, from middle eastern spices to Asian cooking styles.


For those that enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with a Lebanese twist, then look no further than Flooka. Fresh seafood is delivered daily to the restaurant, meaning your dishes will always be of the highest quality and freshness when served. You can sit and take in the beautiful views as you enjoy your meal, as the restaurant looks put over the water. The staff are friendly and accommodating, aiming to make your dining experience the best it can be.


Fishmarket has a highly regarded reputation among those who enjoy great dining experiences and seafood lovers in Abu Dhabi. The in-house chefs have decades of experience and can offer a wide range of high-qualityseafood menu options, meaning you’re bound to find something perfect for you. Focused on giving their diners a unique experience with control over their menu choices, the chefs prepare your meals according to the dish, sauce, and sides you want individually, and then prepare it just for you. It’s perhaps this uniqueness that has led to Fishmarket becoming one of the must-see places to visit for seafood fans whilst in Abu Dhabi.

Li Jiang

For a truly memorable dining experience, then take a trip to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Li Jiang. This stunning restaurant features beautiful interior design, and affords views out across the Grand Mosque, adding to the suburb seafood dining you can enjoy.


If you enjoy Japanese cuisine combined with your love of seafood then try Zuma. This restaurant offers more unique dining experiences for those that like to expand their palette and try new things with menu items including ingredients such as sea urchin and eel. Zuma is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, so be sure to secure yourself a table during your stay.


If you enjoy Indian-style cuisine, then pay a visit to Konkans in Najda Street. Not only does this restaurant offer Indian-influenced seafood dishes, but it is also fairly priced and affordable in comparison to some other seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Despite its fair menu pricing, it’s still considered the best Indian seafood restaurant to be found in Abu Dhabi, so consider paying a visit whilst you’re in the area and make up your own mind.

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