What are the Lounges, facilities and services at Dubai International Airport (DXB)?

Dubai International Airport

COVID-19 – Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, room services and hours may be subject to change and may reduce the capacity limit. However, some rooms may be temporarily closed due to the changing situation.

What are they, and how to enter the VIP lounges at Dubai Airport (DXB)?

1. Ahlan Business Class Lounge

Level 2, Concourse D, open 24 hours. Maximum stay: 4 hours. Children’s area, spa, prayer room, smoking lounge, computers, air conditioning, drinks, Wi-Fi, TV, snacks, showers, newspapers and magazines, telephones, fax. Access: with Priority Pass, Diners Club membership or Dragon Pass by booking online or paying upon arrival.

2. Ahlan Lounge at B –

Next to (Terminal 3) gate B26. Open 24 hours. The maximum stay is 4 hours. They provide Snacks, drinks, TV, air conditioning, newspapers and magazines, telephones, Wi-Fi, and Access: with Priority Pass, DragonPass or Diners Club membership by booking online or paying at the door.

3. Al Majlis Lounge-

Two lounges located in Concourse D of Terminal 1 and Concourse B of Terminal 3. Open 24 hours a day. Catering, drinks, transportation, duty-free items, VIP parking, prayer rooms, and personal assistant. Access: by booking online or paying at the time of arrival. British Airways Lounge – Terminal 1, First floor of Concourse D. it is open from 6:00 am to 10:30 am and from 9:00 pm to 2:30 am. Wi-Fi, food and drinks, Workstations. Accessible: Gold Executive Club or Silver membership, first or business class passengers from British Airways and Oneworld airlines, Emerald or Sapphire members.

4. Emirates Lounge:

Lounges are located next to gate C23 (Terminal 1) and between gates A1-A24 and B16-B18 (Terminal 3). Open 24 hours. Food, TV, children’s area, smoking lounge, Wi-Fi, conference facilities, spa, newspapers and magazines, computers, drinks, and showers. Access: Skywards Gold, Platinum, Silver or Blue membership, Emirates First Class or Business Class passengers. Flydubai Business Class Lounge – Terminal 2 Departures Area, open 24 hours. Press, drinks, meals, Access: Flydubai business class passengers, Gulf Air Falcon Gold Lounge – Level 1 of Concourse D, above Gate 12, open 24 hours.

5. Lufthansa Lounge:

Available from 6:00 am to 10:00 am and from 8:30 pm to 2:30 am on the mezzanine level of concourse D, in Terminal 1. Showers, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers, snacks, and beverages. Access: first-class passengers from Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines and Star Alliance airlines, Miles & More HON Circle or Senator members.

6. Marhaba Lounge-

Lounges located between gates C23 and C25 and on the Arrivals level of hall D (Terminal 1), in front of (Terminal 2) gates F3 and F4, between (Terminal 3) gates A2 and A3 and next to gate B21. It is open 24/7 hours a day, with a maximum stay of 4 hours. Children’s area, cinema, smoking lounge, showers, press, telephones, drinks, fax, refreshments, Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioning. Accessibility: with Priority Pass, DragonPass or Diners Club membership by booking online or paying at arrival time. Plaza Premium Lounge – Available 24/7 in hall A of Terminal 3, with a maximum stay of 3 hours. Printers, Wi-Fi, refreshments, children’s area, air conditioning, drinks, TV, press, showers, smoking room. Access: DragonPass membership, online booking, or paying at the door.

7. Sky Team Lounge –

Terminal 1, Concourse D, next to the food court, available 24 hours a day. Maximum stay: 4 hours. Children’s area, showers, computers, snacks, newspapers, magazines, TV, air conditioning, drinks, and Wi-Fi. Access: with Priority Pass membership, first or business class passengers from SkyTeam airlines, SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

8. The Gallery –

Level 4 of concourse B, next to gate B9 (Terminal 3). Available 24 hours. Maximum stay: 4 hours. Prayer room, massage chairs, printers, smoking lounge, refreshments, showers, newspapers and magazines, TV, air conditioning, drinks, and Wi-Fi. Access: with Priority Pass or DragonPass membership by booking online or paying at the door.

Facilities and services

Dubai Airport (DXB)

The airport has currency exchange bureaus (24 hours a day), ATMs, VIP lounges, mobile phone service, internet kiosks and free Wi-Fi access. The Dubai International Hotel, in Terminal 3, has administrative services and rooms for meetings and conferences.


Numerous options are available in all three terminals, especially in the Departures areas. These include coffee shops, bars, pizzerias, regional and international restaurants, ice cream parlours, bakeries, fast food outlets, and confectioneries. Most are open 24 hours.


Travellers can shop from Duty-free shops in the departure lounges, electronics, fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, liquor, tobacco, newspapers and magazines, books, souvenirs, accessories, and jewellery.


Trolleys are freely available throughout the enclosure. Porters at the entrance of the terminals and in the baggage claim area. Secure luggage wrapping in check-in areas. Luggage storage 24 hours a day in the Arrivals area of ​​terminals 1 and 3. Lost and found offices in the Arrivals Halls ( online form ).

Other services:

Baby changing rooms, children’s play areas, medical clinics, prayer rooms, pharmacies, smoking lounges, showers, gym, and spas.

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