Wrong last name on my United airline flight ticket. How can I get it changed?

airline flight ticket

Confirmed flight bookings can be easily modified using airline policies. These policies are developed to ensure comfort to travellers. United Airlines is one of the best and most renowned airlines that never fails to offer convenience to their passengers. And, if you are among those passengers who have confirmed their booking but by mistake entered the wrong last name on the ticket then calm down. You can use the Airlines Name Change Policy to correct your wrong last name on the ticket and fly without any challenges.

Airlines Name Correction Policy Rules 

  • Under this policy, you are only eligible to make ticket name changes. You cannot transfer your ticket to any other passenger.
  • The Airlines name change on the ticket is only allowed up to 3 characters.
  • For misspellings, typos, and inverted names, you do not need any legal document. However, for last name changes after marriage or divorce, or complete legal name change, the officials will ask you to submit legal documents for verification purposes.
  • You can make name changes by paying a name change fee. If you submit the request within 1 day of ticket booking, the fee will be $75 and beyond 1 day, it will be between $100 to $200.

Procedure to Fix the Wrong Last Name on Your Airlines Flight Ticket 

As per the Airlines Name Change Policy, you can just correct up to three characters in your name. You have multiple methods to fix your wrong last name on the ticket.

1. Online Procedure 

If you have booked a ticket online, you can correct your wrong last name online with these steps:

  • On the official website, visit ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Then click on the “Change Reservation” option and enter the required details.
  • Now, your reservation details will load on the next page; select the concerned booking, and click on “Edit”.
  • Correct your wrong last name (up to 3 characters only) and save the changes.

2. Customer Helpline 

You can dial the reservation number and ask the agent to help you fix the wrong last name on the booking.

3. Other Procedures 

If you have bought your United Airlines ticket from any travel agent or airport counter then you have to ask the travel agent or airport official respectively to make the ticket name changes.

When you have minor changes in your last name, you can do it without any documents. However, if you have to change the entire last name due to a wedding or divorce, or any other reason, you should submit the legal document displaying your legal name for verification. And, you’re done!

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